Stopover in Dubai!

So, I’m en route to Lahore, via Dubai, and am writing this as I await to board the plane to Pakistan.

I’ve never been to Dubai before and so am only able to comment on its airport: it’s shiny. And clean. Very shiny and clean. Also, what’s the first thing I do in Dubai? Pull out my dupatta (scarf) and throw it on my chest so as to shield the very uncomfortable Arab male gaze. (Sigh). Then, I had a chocolate milk shake from Shake Shack (recommended to me by my fiancé, ahem, reinforcing blog post #2 🙂 ). It wasn’t the best milk shake I’ve ever had, but it was good.

At the gate about to board the plane for Lahore, now! Feeling excited and nervous all wrapped into one!

Will post again once in Pakistan, inshallah! (Inshallah = God Willing in Arabic!)


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