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FP Lounge

Fashion Pakistan Lounge on MM Alam Rd – totally worth checking out. The clothes are wayyyyy better quality than PDFC and so are the prices! They carry a whole bunch of designers (Hina Khan, Hina Butt, etc). I ended up getting three outfits that didn’t have a lot of “kaam” (meaning bejeweled work) which I find are the outfits that you end up wearing more, but are harder to find. (For non-Pakistanis reading this, a big part of wedding shopping is shopping for the trousseau, which is a number of new outfits, clothes and jewelry which a new bride takes to her marital home. In Pakistani culture, newlyweds get invited to “davats” (dinners) honoring the couple, and the bride gets to wear her new clothes and jewels on these types of occasions.)

2 thoughts on “FP Lounge”

  1. HI !!- this is so lovely, you looked so fresh on all your days, you definitely have that bride glow!
    Can you please recommend your skin care regime leading up to the wedding (products for daily use).

    1. Thank you! I think it was really a lot of working out, drinking lots of water, eating really healthy foods! The only thing I used on my face was Nivea cream and if I did a scrub it was home made lemon juice, combined with salt and sugar!

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