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Weekend portrait film shoot

This weekend my fiancé and I made a movie.

Starring us 🙂

Yes, that’s correct.

Taking the concept of an e-shoot to a whole new level, our funny, super-awesome, creative, young videographer pitched to us the idea of a portrait film: he would shoot us doing things we like and put that footage to a nice song.

Yes, we’re essentially making a music video.

And it was so much fun to do! (Especially the part where I pulled my fiancé into the ice cold water at the beach and he screamed like a little girl 🙂 love you SM!)

All weekend the very talented Joseph of JF Squared followed my fiancé and me around with his camera, shooting us being cute in all our fav Toronto spots (shout outs to Riverdale and Lesliville). While we picnicked (pb and J) flew a kite (when it cooperated) played scrabble (l lost, miserably, but thank you Rooster!), walked along the beach (yes, we’re that couple) and Saad stole my Ice cream (mmm Eds Real Scoop) Joseph got in his creative zone, and you could see the wheels turning as he was thinking about the best angle, how to capture the ambiance, and catching those candid moments.

He’s going to work his editing magic to put all of the footage he got this weekend to a special slash awesome song (you’ll have to wait to hear and see it)…but here are some sneak peaks! I can’t wait to see how the film turns out this August (and the big reveal will be to all our Valima (reception) guests!) If what I saw of Joseph getting into his creative zone and his effort in shooting is any indication, I have no doubt his film is going to be absolutely incredible.








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