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The 10 Best-Dressed Brides of All Time

Vanity Fair’s recent article by Mattie Kahn, “The 10 Best-Dressed Brides” is just so…vanilla. In yet another Eurocentric article on weddings, the coverage has failed to include bridal beauty beyond the white dress (and white girl in it). I’m looking forward to the day that mainstream media coverage of weddings (not to mention everything else) reflects the diversity of its readership.

‘Til then, I have my own additions to Kahn’s article; 3 celebs that I think should be right up there in any 10 best-dressed brides list.

1. Famous Pakistani model Mehreen Syed, stunning in her Mehdi wedding dress.


2. Actress Kareena Kapoor, showing off a stylish pink lengha by renowned Indian designer Tarun Tahiliani.


3. Actress Kalki Koechilin in a colorful mango, fuchsia and orange lehenga pink with lots of gota work, designed by Mumbai designer Laila Motwane accessorized with simple yellow gold jewelry.


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