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Wedding Day 3: The Valima! (Reception)

Hi Everyone,

And here it is…the post which concludes the main days of my big fat Pakistani wedding: the valima! The valima is the reception hosted by the groom’s side following the wedding; it is truly a welcoming of the newly married couple (making their debut entrance together) and celebration of the families that have become one.

Makeup – Shirley Wu Beauty Concepts

Dress – Kamiar Rokni

Decor – Lemon Truffle Designs

Photo – Mir Anwar Photography 

SM had a vision for the valima – an elegant, Great Gatsby-esque affair, with a live jazz band and a gate on the stage. Thanks to the vendors above it came to life! Enjoy 🙂

Our pre-valima photo shoot at a very kind woman’s  heritage home! She  generously let us use her property for our photo shoot…which we found just an hour before the reception!



SMs stage with the gate, of course, and ode to vintage decor by Amna Rather of Lemon Truffle Designs:_DSC3117

_DSC3363 _DSC3361 _DSC3360 _DSC3358


They had these rectangular tables at the front for all of the family which was a nice way to separate close family from well, the rest, lol, plus these centrepieces with hanging candle bulbs added such a dynamic ambience to the entire space._DSC3120



SM and I make our grand entrance into the reception to the song from Yeh Jeewani Hai Deewani, Subhanallah 🙂 It felt incredible, alhumdullillah 🙂


The rest of the evening was filled with heartfelt speeches by loved ones, the debut of our next day edit by Joseph Fernando of JF squared (which I will be posting on my blog!), Mir’s surprise wedding slideshow, and then a speech by moi! Ladies: I’m so, so glad I decided to deliver a speech at the valima, I felt like after three days of sitting pretty on a stage I was actually able to let everyone in attendance get to know me a little, too.


Also, it made my mom and everyone else cry, I was told there was not a dry eye in the house 😀 (I smile because you know a speech is effective when you get tears out of people, hehe).


SM closed off the night by giving a speech and thanking everyone, and  then we danced the night away with close family and friends. Overall, my Big Fat Pakistani Wedding was such an amazing experience filled with so much love, life, and laughter and I feel so very blessed! I’m so happy for you all you 2014 brides and I wish you the best as you plan your big day(S).



12 thoughts on “Wedding Day 3: The Valima! (Reception)”

  1. Everything looks beautiful Mashallah!! You are a stunning bride Safa!
    I love the colour combo of your outfit, I think I’ve been inspired to do a largely off-white/gold and minimal red jora for my wedding. I’m too Canadian for a full red Pakistani outfit D=

      1. Thank you!
        BTW I was looking at your photographer’s repertoire and I noticed that he is actually based in TEXAS?! I’m guessing you had to fly him up for your wedding? His work looks amazing, but I haven’t seen many “during shaadi” pictures.
        Do you have any suggestions for a great GTA wedding photographer who knows how to capture the SA wedding?

    1. Hey! Haha I didn’t like Shirley as much, but she was already booked for my valima, I had cancelled her for my shaadi tho. For my mehndi I did my makeup myself, for the shaadi Summera Studios did my makeup I loved her and my shaadi makeup wayyy more than Shirley’s makeup on my walima!!

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