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Ready-to-Wear, Chinyere!

Hello hello!

My fellow Canadians:  um, why did our parents come here? Lol, It’s sooo cold! So allow me to take you back to Lahore, where it is wonderful and warm  (well, at least it was when I was there last March!) I’ve talked about the label Chinyere by Bareeze before, in fact; I rated them as part of my top 3 ready-to-wear stores in Lahore in a previous post! 

I really liked Chinyere because they had a large, colourful yet tasteful (which, in my opinion, is hard to do) collection in a wide-range of different styles, and I  ended up trying on and actually liking several outfits (that’s italicized because I’m annoyingly picky, lol – just ask my mom). I thought their collection was  especially good for fun dolki/mayoun/mehndi type outfits, and despite the fact that they are readymade, the quality of the ‘kaam’ (embellishment work) is actually really neat. And browsing on their Facebook page, it looks like they have some pretty unique outfits in their current collection!

I got the outfit below from their Defence store when I was in Lahore in March 2013.  Haha, actually as I was shopping,  I tried to think about ‘diversifying my trousseau’ (lol – it is an investment after all) but I always found myself being attracted to, and therefore getting, lighter, more neutral coloured outfits, to the point where my khala had to yell at me to say: “you’re a dulhan! Stop getting colours you wear to a funeral!!!  (lol, gotta love that Punjabi straight talk haha).  So this was one of my ‘colourful’ outfits that I picked up, and I do love how vibrant and almost folksy this one is! By the way, I have yet to go to the Bareeze location in Mississauga (yes, there is one!). Has anyone been? What are their prices like? To give you an idea of their prices in Pakistan, I got the outfit below for, if I recall,  around 12000RPS, which is about $120CDN. I’m curious to know if they’ve doubled (uh, tripled?) the prices here,  as they do most clothes from back home (sigh!).


IMG_0660 IMG_0659

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6 thoughts on “Ready-to-Wear, Chinyere!”

  1. The prices at Bareeze Mississauga are insane for the amount of work they have on the suits. They’re really pretty but the prices they have here don’t make it worth it, for the same price, I can get a beautiful, nicely worked suit from Naz Fashion Bug. The prices at Bareeze Mississauga start at $350 and go to $500 (for their semi formal outfits like the one you posted above). Their unstiched suits start at $300 (totally ridiculous in my opinion since this is almost quadruple the amount they charge in Karachi!). They also charge taxes so add another 13% to the price of the suit.

  2. Hey safa
    I was just wondering if you could do a post on a list of what a desi bride or bride to be should buy for her wedding and life that follows it. Would be so helpful x

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