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Weekend Brunch Outfit

Hi ladies!

So, as you may have read on here, this time last year I was in Pakistan shopping for all of the clothes for my wedding! (Sigh, I want to go back!) This meant getting all of the wedding dress(es) for the main events, but also all of the “trousseau” outfits (clothes traditionally given to you by your family as gifts for your marriage).

When I was shopping, I knew that yes,  I needed to get some semi-formal outfits with “kaam” (bejewelled work), but I also wanted outfits that I could wear more casually – during the day, for brunches, lunches etc. (Side rant: I feel like the entire Pakistani community in the GTA goes completely overboard when they dress for functions – e.g. why is wearing an outfit with ‘kaam’ to a dolki the norm?! In Pakistan, I noticed that people wear clothes that are much less fancy – e.g like a nice lawn outfit for a dolki would suffice – and I think that’s way more appropriate, too! ) Anyway,  being cognizant of wanting a diverse assortment of outfits in my bridal trousseau,  this is one of the shirts I brought back:


It was from FP Lounge near MM Alam Road in Lahore – a store that has a bunch of different labels under one roof. It was one of my top 3 shops for ready to wear outfits in Lahore. I loved the ‘chicken’ material on the front and the hand block printing panels on the side. I think this shirt was around 10,000 RPS (about $100), which to me, was worth it because a) I knew I could never find anything like this in Canada and b) I knew that I’m most comfortable in outfits like this. You cant see it in the picture, but I paired it with pearl earrings and it made for a great family brunch outfit, for when SM’s relatives came over! That would definitely be one piece of advice for brides who are starting to shop: get all types of outfits as part of your bridal trosseau- not every occasion calls for ‘kaam’ šŸ™‚

Quesion for readers: Where do you get Pakistani outfits if you’re looking for something more simple?!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Brunch Outfit”

  1. Hey,
    Labelsestore.com is a great online web to shop for semi formal and casual clothes. I have shopped from that web couples of times and its great! They have all the top designers and its trust worthy :). I have also seen a similar shirt like yours on it. Check it out :).
    P.s you look pretty

    1. Thanks Momal!! I know of the site but didn’t know anyone that’s used it so I’m glad you had a good experience, I have been wanting to try it out šŸ™‚

  2. Hi safa hope you are well! Your blog has been so handy with wedding planning alhamdolillah! Although my resources in Ireland are very limited ive managed to work around them! But i was wondering if you can help me with jahez kaprey! Im going to be in lahore for a bit after the wedding insha Allah and i was wondering what i should take over in terms of casuals formals etc? Im going to pak in april IA for shopping and mums already got me shirts/chridaars from sana safinaz, origin and kayseria! Help! Thanks Sonia xxx

      1. Sorry! I meant how many heavy formals would you recommend formpost shaadi dawats? Which will all be in pak and ill be there for a while!! Lol thanks xx

      2. Ahhh it really depends on how social your fam or in laws are!! i was going to dawats almost every weekend for at least six months but you’re only going to be there for a little while and probably not working so you could have 3-4 things a week? Plus everyone there will probably expect you to look all ‘nawa dulhan’ ish! I think you should get a few semi formals for the days after, then the majority party wear and a handful of more casual but pretty like something for a brunch.

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