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Desi Weddings: Then and Now

Hi All!

I wanted to share with you a feature article I wrote for a new South Asian magazine, called ZINDGI (meaning, “LIFE”, for all my non-Urdu/Hindi speakers!) They wanted me to write a piece about weddings (broad, I know!) so I decided to write about the evolution of South Asian weddings; how for so many in our generation, so very much has changed!

You can read it here!


2 thoughts on “Desi Weddings: Then and Now”

  1. Hi safa, this is nusrat from USA. First of all, your wedding was just mind blowing. I mean everything was so perfect!!!! I’m not from Pakistan and hopefully I’m getting married to a Pakistani boy. My knowledge about Pakistani wedding is almost zero. I want to arrange every thing according to my going to be in-laws traditions. I have few questions, it would be a great help if you could reply me.

    1. Hi Nusrat, thanks so much! Sure what are your questions? If you send them in, I’m actually startinh a Frequently Asked Questions section so I”ll be sure to reply to them there!

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