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Unstitched Kapray with Kaam (Clothes with embellishment)

Hi guys!

I realized you can’t really talk about shopping for your wedding trosseau in Pakistan, without talking about buying unstitched kapray with completed kaam. When I was shopping in the PK last year, in addition to all of the readymade outfits that I got (which were the majority), I also got a few outfits from Liberty that were just unstitched kapra (cloth) but had all of the kaam (bewjewled work) already completed on it, so that you just had to take it to your tailor to have it stitched. I highly recommend this avenue to add ‘party’ outfits to your trosseau collection: you get to see all of the kaam already completed, the unstitched cloth is pretty reasonably priced, and as long as you have a good tailor you’re good to go! For example,  this is an outfit that I had made in that way, that I wore to a wedding this past weekend. When I bought it, I bought it as a package of pieces of cloth with the kaam on the gala (neckline), the sleeves, and the border pieces, and then the fabrics for the actual suit itself. The price? 10,000 RPS (about $100) and the cost of stiching (which was about $30, and that’s on the pricier side because I had this outfit sewn in Defense). By comparison, I think in Canada you wouldn’t pay less than $300 for an outfit like this from a hotel exhibition!

I’m curious to know, of all of the methods to shop for your bridal trosseau collection,  what route did you take?


P.S. This hairstyle is my go-to function updo and it takes all of 15 minutes.  Shall blog about the steps soon!


5 thoughts on “Unstitched Kapray with Kaam (Clothes with embellishment)”

  1. Love the outfit, Masha’Allah you look really nice ā¤

    For my sis's wedding we pretty much are doing the same as you did. Although, we bought mostly stitched clothes, we also did buy unstitched clothes with kaam and got them stitched (so that she will already have it prepared for when she is married). We also got it sewn in defence, but it was much cheaper than from the UK so it was worth it overall.

  2. I have this exact same outfit! I love wearing it because it feels so versatile, it’s a gorgeous colour and doesn’t feel too OTT or blingy because of the threadwork. Oddly enough, mine was from a local store here in London and was a readymade piece. I love how you’ve worn it here, your hair looks beautiful, mA šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Safa- Now that you mention the prices of the unstiched suits, I think you can find suits of great value at the smaller bazaars like Meena Bazar, Anarkali in Lahore, but you need to have a local with you who knows the bazaar and the right shops! I have bought similar suits (even stitched) for 5000-8000 PKR from those Bazaars. However, if one isn’t ready to hassle with all the bargaining that goes on and better hygienic conditions then yes Liberty is better but a bit more pricy.

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