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The Radford Salon: Toronto-based Hair & Makeup

If you’ve followed my blog from the start, you’ll know that I went on quite the journey to find a make-up artist for my big day! I started off by booking the renowned Toronto-based MUA Shirley Wu…only to realize a month before my wedding that I didn’t actually love her style, and then scrambled to find a make-up artist for my wedding. (You can read the full story and reviews of all of the MUAs I tried out for my wedding here).

I didn’t try a non-desi hair & MUA for my wedding make-up trials because I think you really need to have someone who understands the tricky dupatta-setting-on-hair part of our shaadi look, but for my friend’s recent wedding, I had my make up done at Radford, an upscale ($$$) salon in Yorkville. I just went back and had my hair cut by stylist Danae Selwood and coloured by Niki, and then went back again for my 30th birthday to have my hair styled by Danae and my makeup done by Emma Hewit.

I really liked Emma’s make up on me – she kept it really light (I hate heavy, heavy makeup!) and I really liked the shape of the lashes.

bday 1

And this was the hair that Danae styled, BEFORE, I got super sweaty from dancing lots haha. I told her I wanted big, big hair, and to basically make me look like Beyonce haha.

selfie 3

If you feel like treating yourself (because they are pricey) or have a special occasion, I would definitely recommend going to Radford. The girls there are super sweet, and I definitely walked out feeling pretty (which is why you pay someone to do your hair and m makeup, right?!).

Toronto girls, what other hair and MUAs do you recommend – for bridal and non-bridal looks?

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