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Pink Banarsi Sari for a Saturday Shaadi

Hello Friends!

1 wedding down and only 1 just one left to go before SM and I are done with our summer wedding circuit! #NowWhatDoWeDoOnWeekends?

At the shaadi on Saturday, I wore one of my jahez outfits that I got from Lahore (I think in a shop in Cavalry Ground) – a beautiful, light pink banarsi sari.

I styled it with a low bun, and the full gold set that I wore on my wedding (which was mum’s!).

I had the sari pleats pre-stitched (because my god how hard is it to tie a sari yourself!?) at Sonu Sari Palace on Gerrard Street. Ladies in Toronto, Seema at Sonu Sari Palace is the best!

I absolutely love the way saris look – there is nothing more elegant or classic in my opinion!

Btw, ladies, when you were growing up were you allowed to wear saris? We were always told that saris were for married women, and ‘shaadi kay baad’ we could wear them! (Of course, I didn’t actually listen – rebel me! – but I wonder if this is still a thing!?)

Pink Banarsi Sari

Sari – Lahore (maybe Moon Banarsi) in Cavalry Grounds

Shoes – Michael Kors

8 thoughts on “Pink Banarsi Sari for a Saturday Shaadi”

  1. Haha my mom said the same about wearing saris after getting married!! I haven’t rebelled but plan on getting a bunch during my trip to Pakistan in prep for the wedding… By the way, its awesome that you’re blogging about your experiences! I haven’t come across anyone else blogging such content!

    Much Love!

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