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Make-up Update: Review of Make-up Artist Kavita Suri

Last week in addition to my trial with Gargi Patel, I did a make up trial with Kavita Suri, who has her own spa in Yorkville. I learned that Kavita and Gargi are good friends and Kavita supports Gargi by using Vasanti products (remember, Gargi's sis started Vasanti)....and from my last post you all know… Continue reading Make-up Update: Review of Make-up Artist Kavita Suri

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Make-up Update: Review of Make-up Artist Gargi Patel

In my last post about my wedding day makeup, I told you that I was thinking of canceling Shirley Wu for my wedding day...which I still am (mainly due to the fact that she won't travel) however, before I officially do so I need to find another MUA! Tonight I did a trial with Gargi… Continue reading Make-up Update: Review of Make-up Artist Gargi Patel

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Canceling Shirley Wu

Gasp. I know. What crazy girl would want to cancel Shirley Wu for her wedding?! "But she's supposed to the best!?" "Girls would kill for that appointment!" True, perhaps. But I've recently had a major change of heart about my MUA and here's why: 1. Looking back at my trial pictures, I realized that I… Continue reading Canceling Shirley Wu

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My Friend’s Country Chic Shower

Meet: Virginia. My best friend from high school who is also getting married this summer (T-2 weeks!). Our weddings cannot be more different. Virginia's will be small, mine big. Hers is going to be laid back on her parent's farm property, mine will be an orchestrated production across the Greater Toronto Area. Her wedding colors… Continue reading My Friend’s Country Chic Shower

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The Story of My Bridal Shower

The first bridal shower that my maid of honor and bridesmaids have ever attended - and therefore organized -was mine this past weekend. But you would never have known that. Because they absolutely killed it. I couldn't have imagined a better shower. The day went something like this: my MOH, Negin, and two bridesmaids, Emilie… Continue reading The Story of My Bridal Shower

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Bridal Party Sari Fitting

I'm blogging as I get a pedicure (note: blogging while getting a pedicure is awesome). This particular pedicure is for my bridal shower tomorrow (yay! And, stay tuned), but today I wanted to blog about taking half of my bridal party (4/8) girls to Gerrard Street East (little India!) to get their measurements taken for… Continue reading Bridal Party Sari Fitting

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Nauratan jewelry

When I was in Pakistan I was on the hunt for a nauratan set (nauratan means nine, for nine different colours of stones). I think they're so classic and versatile to go with any outfit. It was the classic part that got me laughed at by pretty much every shop keeper in Liberty..."Baji?! (Sister), nauratan… Continue reading Nauratan jewelry